In response to tonight’s news that Governor Ralph Northam admitted to being pictured in a racist photograph in his medical school yearbook, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene issued the following statement:

“The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long history of bigotry and racism. And in 2019, there is absolutely no place for racism in Virginia. The message this photograph sends is in direct conflict with the values that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia fights for every day: equality and freedom for all people.

I have personally known Ralph Northam for 12 years. During that time, I have only known him to be a humble, honest and dedicated physician and public servant.

The Governor’s yearbook picture is deeply offensive and reprehensible. The images are, and were, contemptible and inexcusable. We strongly urge Governor Northam to resign.  

This is a deeply sad moment for Virginia and all Virginians. This not a time for political or partisan posturing and any individual or organization attempting to do so is unconscionably divisive. As Virginians, we must come together to reject our past wrongs and identify what each of us can do to build a better and more inclusive future for every resident of our Commonwealth.”

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