Alexandria, Va. – Come November, Virginia will elect pro-choice leaders and flip the anti-choice controlled General Assembly to pass meaningful reproductive freedom legislation, despite anti-choice politician Del. Thomas’ wishes to ban abortion in Virginia.

On Wednesday evening, Alabama passed a total-abortion-ban, with doctors facing a felony charge and up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion.

Last week, anti-choice Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an abortion ban into law that would make abortion illegal before most women even know they are pregnant, and could throw doctors in jail, and lead to women being investigated for a miscarriage.

And now here in Virginia, anti-choice politician Delegate Bob Thomas (R-Fredericksburg) expressed his desire to pass similar legislation to the abortion ban in Georgia, and outlaw abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Anti-choice politicians have been working, systematically and strategically, for decades to gut or overturn Roe v. Wade, outlaw abortion, and punish women across this country, but we will never allow them to ban abortion in Virginia,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “Instead, we are going to elect pro-choice leaders across Virginia this November.  With all 140 seats up for election in the House of Delegates and state Senate, we can flip both chambers and make history by establishing a pro-choice majority in the General Assembly needed to pass meaningful, lasting reproductive freedom legislation that protects a woman’s bodily autonomy in the Commonwealth.  Here in Virginia, we will never allow anti-abortion politicians to achieve their real agenda of a total-abortion-ban that criminalizes women and throws them and their healthcare providers in jail. That is simply not the Virginia way”.

“As a former Alabaman and a Virginia legislator who trusts a woman to make her own personal healthcare decisions in consultation with her doctor, I can promise Virginians that anti-woman, anti-healthcare politicians, like Delegate Bob Thomas, will never achieve their goal of banning abortion and criminalizing women here in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said State Senator Jennifer Boysko. “Virginia women and families deserve to be treated with dignity and respect when it comes to their personal healthcare decisions and so do the women of Alabama. It is disgraceful that a bunch of conservative male legislators in Alabama think they can legislate women’s healthcare out of existence. The majority of Americans, as well as Virginians, 7 in 10, believe abortion should be safe and legal and have compassion for a woman making her own personal healthcare decisions about when, how, and if to have a family. Come November, we are going to elect more pro-choice leaders and flip the current anti-choice controlled legislature to one that protects and expands access to safe and legal abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


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