Alexandria, Va.NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is proud to endorse Democratic incumbent Delegate Lee Carter, representing Virginians 50th House District.

Delegate Carter understands the critical need for all Virginians to have the ability to make their own personal reproductive healthcare decisions without interference from politicians. He is committed to protecting women and families and stands up to anti-choice politicians in Virginia who have intentionally resorted to inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric to misled people about abortion at the expense of women and families.

“We are confident that Delegate Carter will continue to fight to protect and expand access to the full gamut of reproductive healthcare and rights in the General Assembly” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “This is a moment in history we have not seen before — where state legislators around the country are passing legislation to ban abortion and criminalize women. Anti-choice politicians from Missouri to Ohio are unabashedly taking aim at our reproductive freedoms with a coordinated scheme of abortion bans and one goal in mind — shutoff access to safe and legal abortion and punish women. And anti-choice politicians in Virginia have the exact same goal in mind. That’s why we need strong vocal advocates like Delegate Carter in the House of Delegates.”

“Come November, we have the opportunity to flip both chambers and make history by establishing a pro-choice majority in the General Assembly,” commented Tarina Keene. “If that happens, we can pass meaningful, lasting reproductive freedom legislation and ensure that these abortion bans being passed around the country never take hold in Virginia. And we need Delegate Carter’s leadership in the General Assembly to make that future a reality for Virginians.”

“I am proud to earn NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s endorsement” said Delegate Lee Carter. “With the onslaught of recent attacks on abortion in state legislators across the country and Roe v. Wade hanging by a tenuous thread, I will do everything I can to protect access to women’s healthcare and ensure abortion remains safe and legal in the Commonwealth. Virginians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and I will stand up and fight for Virginia women and families and support legislation that protects Virginians’ bodily autonomy.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and its PAC support candidates who are dedicated to family planning, preventing unplanned pregnancy, and increasing access to reproductive healthcare for women and families.  The organization’s powerful statewide network of 22,000 activists will mobilize pro-choice voters throughout Virginia to help elect pro-choice candidates in November.


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