With the threat to abortion access across the country, many states are passing laws that safeguard the right and guarantee access to abortion care.

Virginia legislators in the General Assembly just took bold action to ensure that Virginians have access to safe, legal abortion care without political interference by passing the Reproductive Health Protection Act (RHPA). This act will roll back the medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion access put in place by anti-abortion politicians to limit access to safe and legal abortion care and shutdown health centers.

For over two decades, anti-choice legislators in Virginia have held control of the state House and Senate and passed a series of laws – including mandatory 24-hour waiting periods, forced medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and mandatory biased counseling – aimed to limit and hinder a woman’s ability to access safe and legal abortion care.

The Reproductive Health Protection Act removes the political interference between a patient and her medical professional by removing those restrictions and rolling back the Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws that unfairly single out abortion providers. 

The Act also expands access to care by allowing patients to receive abortion care from skilled and trained nurse practitioners and other Advanced Practice Clinicians (APC), enabling many patients to receive care from their regular, trusted provider. 

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