We have officially made it to crossover! What’s crossover? It means any bill that has made it out of their original chamber (House of Delegates or Senate), will start the process all over again in the opposite chamber. This is basically the halfway mark for our bills. All of our bills have made it to crossover which is amazing! However, the mission is not complete yet. Here’s the status of our bill going into the second week of February:

Repeal of Abortion Coverage Ban on the State Healthcare Exchange

SB 1276, Sen. McClellan (D-Richmond) – This bill made it out of the Senate and is headed to the House of Delegates!

HB 1896, Del. Hudson (D-Charlottesville) — The House companion bill made it out of the House of Delegates and is now headed to the Senate!Should the bills pass in the opposite chamber after crossover, and Governor Northam signs them (which he will!), Virginia will be the first Southern state to repeal this kind of restriction and make history again for the Commonwealth – continuing our history-making win from last year’s Reproductive Health Protection Act.

12-Months of Birth Control for Medicaid Insurees

SB 1227, Sen. Boysko (D-Herndon). -This bill gained bipartisan support and passed unanimously through the committee and the floor! It is now headed to the Senate.

One of our fabulous Fellows, Armani Anderson, offered powerful and compelling testimony for this bill, you can see it here, starting at around the six-minute mark.

Plan and workgroup to establish a Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team (FIMRT) in Virginia  

HB1950, Del. Ayala (D-Prince William) – This bill passed out of the house by a UNANIMOUS vote and is headed to the Senate!

Workgroup to Study Local and Regional Jails Procedures for the Treatment of Pregnant Incarcerated Persons

SB1300, Sen. Favola (D-Arlington). This bill will be voted on by the full Senate early this week. Stay tuned!

Please find the Fact Sheet HERE.

All in all, we’ve had a successful session for reproductive freedom, but it’s not over till it’s over! Our priority bills are making their way through the General Assembly and February 5th is crossover with the last day of session scheduled for the 11th! We will be in overdrive until then and will continue to keep you updated!

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