Alexandria, VA,— In a major win for reproductive freedom across the Commonwealth, Virginia voters nominated 7 NARAL Pro-Choice endorsed candidates in the Democratic Primary election for the House of Delegates.

Today, Virginia voters sent a strong message to the rest of the country and the Supreme Court of the United States – they disapprove of anti-abortion politicians’ efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade and dismantle their reproductive rights and freedoms. Virginians overwhelmingly—72%— support access to safe and legal abortion care. They expect their legislators to secure a future that safeguards access to abortion care and upholds basic reproductive rights and justice.

“Roe’s days are numbered and Virginians are keenly aware of how precarious our reproductive rights are at this moment. That’s why pro-choice Virginia voters showed up to support reproductive freedom champions during this Primary. They know the fight is in the states and they trust who will go to bat for their reproductive health and rights in Richmond,” says Executive Director Tarina Keene.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia congratulates the following endorsed reproductive freedom champions on their nominations:

  • House District 2 – Delegate Candi King

  • House District 31 – Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

  • House District 49 – Delegate Alfonso Lopez

  • House District 66 – Katie Sponslor

  • House District 71 – Delegate Jeff Bourne

  • House District 86 – Irene Shin

  • House District 89 – Delegate Jay Jones

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia also recognizes the efforts and commitment of the following candidates who lost their elections:

  • House District 84 – Tracie Liguid

  • House District 38 – Holly Hazard

  • House District 50 – Delegate Lee Carter

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC supports candidates who are dedicated to family planning, preventing unplanned pregnancy, and protecting and increasing access to abortion care. The organization’s powerful statewide network of 22,000 activists will mobilize pro-choice voters throughout Virginia to help elect candidates in November.


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