Right now, the Supreme Court is deciding whether courts have the power to block state laws like S.B. 8 that nullify the Constitution within a state. It is unfathomable to think that Texas has succeeded in taking away Texans’ constitutional right to abortion care.

This is terrifying for many reasons, including the fact that this law shows that no constitutional right is safe. The Supreme Court has historically recognized the importance of the right to abortion and how this right contributes to building healthy and thriving communities. States can not and should not be allowed to override anyone’s constitutional right.Virginians can fight back by voting for pro-choice candidates at the polls tomorrow. Keeping Virginia pro-choice means that no abortion ban will make its way to Virginia. Virginians must turn out and vote for Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor and re-elect Mark Herring for Attorney General. Abortion is on the line in Virginia and the United States. Your vote matters.

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