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So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) are fake health-care clinics that lie to, shame and intentionally mislead women about their reproductive-health-care options to block them from accessing abortion care.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation (NPCVF) engaged in a year-long investigation of crisis pregnancy centers throughout the Commonwealth from June of 2012 through June of 2013. This investigation served as a follow-up to NPCVF’s 2009 CPC investigation and report, which gave Virginians an unprecedented look into the misleading and potentially dangerous practices employed by CPCs in the Commonwealth.

The report presents NPCVF’s recent findings, collected over 12 months, to provide insight into the potential harm CPCs pose to women and Virginia communities, and present evidence for the need to inform women of the limitations of their services. Because of the innacurate reproductive-health information many CPCs continue to provide, these centers pose a significant threat to public health.

Anyone seeking health-care services should receive comprehensive, unbiased, and medically-accurate information. Women facing unintended pregnancy deserve no less.

NPCVF identified 58 CPCs in Virginia, including two mobile units. Research conducted by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation shows that the vast majority of CPCs n the Commonwealth spread medical falsehoods that put the health of women and all Virginians at risk. Furthermore, CPCs are often not regulated in the same way as comprehensive reproductive health clinics to ensure confidentiality of clients’ personal and private information.

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Virginia must lead the charge. Are you with us?