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Access to affordable family planning services helps patients have safer pregnancies, healthier babies, and fewer unintended pregnancies. Low-income individuals can access affordable family planning services through a program called Title X, which provides millions of patients with services ranging from contraception and pap smears to screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and breast cancer.

Each year, approximately 4 million young and low-income folks receive basic health care through the nearly 4,000 clinics nationwide that receive Title X funds.1

For many patients, Title X clinics provide the only basic health care they receive. Unfortunately, the Title X program is drastically underfunded and under constant political attack. In fact, over the last several years, anti-choice members of Congress have tried repeatedly to entirely eliminate this vital reproductive health program.

Without Title X clinics, millions of patients would not be able to afford needed family-planning services. The effects are dangerous for reproductive health. Lack of access to family planning services makes it even harder for patients to have healthy pregnancies. Patients miss out on screenings for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as for breast and cervical cancer. And many patients, especially young women, face the prospect of unintended pregnancy.

In the face of these risks, anti-choice members of Congress continue to refuse to act to help patients. We must fight back against these threats to ensure everyone has access to family planning services, regardless of their income.

1 Department of Health and Human Services, Title X Family Planning Annual Report: 2019 National Summary

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